Full-body anti-stress massage – 1 hour.
A personalized, made to measure massage which alleviates stress and restores balance to the whole body.
Benefits: Releases muscle tension, aids oxygenation, provides deep pleasure, promotes harmony and leaves the body with an overall sense of wellbeing. What to wear: bathrobe, slippers and briefs.

Micronized energising EVIAN shower – 12 minutes.
A horizontal shower with fine water jets which alternate between hot and cold water. These sudden variations in water temperature encourage the capillaries to dilate and contract which stimulates blood circulation and the elimination of toxins. Effective, too, for facial and body acne because of the scrub effect of the water jets. Promotes an overall sense of wellbeing and boosts energy levels. The skin is left toned, elastic and deeply cleansed. Helps relieve heaviness in the legs.

AGRONATURA herbal tea infusion
(organically grown using the Demeter method of cultivation)

Access to the wet spa which includes:
Vthe hydro-massage Jacuzzi with water jets positioned at foot, calf and lower-back heights;
the Emotional rain shower which showers the body with fine water jets and awakens the senses with aromatic essences and coloured lights;
the Scottish shower, with hot and cold water jets of different dimensions positioned to spray the entire body;
and the Bio sauna, a dry heat sauna that never exceeds 65° C.

Relax in one of our comfortable chaise longues in our inside relaxation area or make use of the sun loungers located on our panoramic rooftop sun terrace.


(Rates are per person)  

€ 135,00 includes overnight stay with breakfast in a superior double room.
€165,00 includes 1 day stay with breakfast and lunch or dinner in a superior double room

Rates are per person. Room rates include 10% VAT. Spa treatments are inclusive of VAT at 22%. Complimentary use of a bathrobe, towel and slippers during your stay. Please wear suitable swimwear. Access to the spa area is reserved for guests 14 years of age and older.

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